Full EDL CPS® is our inventory management solution for large volume users.

This system enables our customers to accurately measure their exact needs and signals their demand long in advance of stock-depletion, meaning dramatic cost and time savings are achieved right across the production schedule. The easy solution for the management of your consumables includes all the necessary planning, delivery and the installation of racks and bins along with ongoing support through regular maintenance and supply.

Our services:

  • The whole process, from order to delivery
  • Removing of empty containers and transporting them back to your local branch
  • Delivery of the refilled containers and distribution of the goods though your facilities
  • Placing of refilled W-KLT containers on the racks

Customer Benefits

  • No excess inventory in your warehouse
  • No manpower needed for receiving or transferring goods internally
  • No receiving, storage or transfer
  • No book-keeping for the Accounting Department
  • Simplified delivery notice and invoice auditing
  • Significantly reduced number of suppliers